One Shot, A Million Scores

Athleticism and Computers.

They don’t exactly go hand-in-hand.

Yet, todays sports heroes and stars have to know how to effectively manage their online profiles to engage the public positively.

Recently, I worked on a VIP team alongside Mark Messier and Ron Maclean for Rogers Hometown Hockey event in Edmonton.  I got to take a picture with Mark Messier and I got a free book from Ron Maclean. Of course, meeting such legends in a private setting was an amazing experience. However, when I posted my Mark Messier photo on Facebook, I amplified him as a nice, approachable person and thats what people in the public eye want. To sustain a particular image via effective interactions with the public.

In this example, Messier did not even have to do anything but smile. Yet, this example shines so much light on him (rather than me) because he seems like a good guy for doing that.

I also worked Edmonton Oiler games recently taking virtual photographs with Connor McDavid and then sent photos to the people who posed so that they would hopefully show off a) the application of cool technology, and b) utilize technology to increase Connor McDavids online presence without even needing him in person.

He would personalize his “autograph” session with you and then “pose” in a realistic looking holographic photograph.

The result? This:


Again, he had to do nothing and yet, had I chose to post this photo on social media, I would have simply amplified his status as a hockey God.

Currently, I am working The International Curling Championships, and I posed with all of Team USA over the weekend after they attempted our interactive Escape the 2017 Ford Escape game. We are paid to take images at a photo booth that encourages people to put on retro curling gear and then we snap shots of them on their cell phones and we encourage them to post the images on any social media with the hashtag #FordCurling. This successfully increases Ford’s presence at an event they sponsor and it encourages interactive engagement with a particular demographic. It’s simply brilliant. People love photos and the key to successful campaigns for many sports personalities is through the utilization of photographic images.



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