Think Before You Post: A look Into Jennie’s Racist Comments.

Technology has simplified the ways in which we can live our day-to-day lives. The globalization of the world has created these opportunities by the sharing of ideas and resources between populations. Social media has encompassed these ideas while connecting the world through the global village. However, social media has the capability of storing the information we post forever. Even though we have the ability to remove posts, pictures, and comments, the public may still seize the information through screenshots. An employee from Memorial Hermann Southeast hospital in Houston distastefully commented on her Facebook feed about the protest occurring in Ferguson.

Her post was eventually was removed. However, the damage was done. A man who witnessed this quoted “ very racist” and eventually found the company she worked for. He contacted the hospital via Twitter and stated “It shouldn’t be tolerated when you’re a professional…a hospital is a place where you’re supposed to have compassion upon people of all races.” We all have lives outside of social media. However, the comments we make can potential hurt our employment opportunities and our friendships. Not only was Jennie’s reputation ruined but she also lost her job. The hospital responded through their twitter page stating:

17759272_10212704300143260_1976543155_o (1).png

It is important that we remain conscious of what we post online. We have the ability to get away what we say and do in real life, but the online world can produce and share our responses. In my own life, I monitor what I indulge in and share because I am aware of the impacts it may cause. Nevertheless, we must regulate our activity to avoid similar circumstances.

Rahma Dalmar


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