Social Media and Marketing

I think that I would be the worst journalist ever, which is why when I applied into the Communications program I didn’t even think twice about declaring Professional Communications as my major. Journalists have to be good at getting the latest scoop, and the only thing I’m good at scooping is the last of the ice cream out of the carton.

But not being a journalist doesn’t mean that I don’t engage with news, or see the impact that social media has had on corporations, small businesses, and traditional news outlets.

For instance, more and more corporations and businesses are getting in on the social media game, which is good for me, as someone who is hoping to be able to land a job in my field after I graduate (one day). I’m still of the opinion that traditional means of marketing are important, because they help you build a foundation and a narrative on which to form your social media strategy on. Social media marketing isn’t ubiquitous yet, although it is gaining momentum, so it’s important to still think about appealing to the demographics that aren’t quite as tech-savvy. Some large corporations are really buying into the idea of social media, and some are not.

you win some

However, the advent of social media marketing has been particularly lucrative for small businesses, who may not necessarily have the necessary moolah to drop on a $10 000 billboard ad, for instance. I think the embracing of social media by small businesses is particularly poignant, because it harkens to the whole DIY nature of starting and maintaining a small business in the first place, which wins points in the “consistent branding” category.


Unfortunately, the emergence of social media hasn’t had quite the same positive effect on traditional news outlets. Instead, it’s left journalists scrambling as they try to keep up with the changing times. However, I don’t think all hope is lost for traditional news outlets, just that some adaptation is needed. “Is print media dead?” I don’t think so.

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