Social Media and Behavior.


Social Media is not just a sharing medium, it is a “looking glass” of sorts, in which users try and find ways to incorporate social media into their everyday lives. Whether it’s taking a photo of your lunch or a local landmark you stumbled upon, social media changes the way one acts as it causes those who use these applications to think about how a certain moment in life may be shared online.

Studies show that over 78% of the U.S. population has at least one social network profile, and in doing so the majority of the population have potentially changed their mindsets. Rather than having the thought of “how can I enjoy or savour this moment?”, more and more people may be thinking “how can I best share this experience online?”. When listing five ways Facebook has changed our lives, CNN writes that “the ability to share major events with all the people closest to you with a single click of the mouse is unprecedented.”, but they state that oversharing has caused problems for a good number of people’s news feeds and in doing so, the idea of “how can I best share this experience online?” has caused many to become over encumbered with trivial information. They explain, “We all want to know you got a wedding ring. The fact that you just polished the one you’ve had for 14 years? Not so much.” With social media being such a prominent factor in many people’s lives, society continues to influence each other as the sharing-first mindset continues to trend as more and more people use social media more often than not to build their online presence.



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