News Medium Focus Group

I created a small focus group that was asked about their preference of either physical newspapers, or online news articles.

The majority of the people in the focus group would rather read their news from a physical newspaper. However, accessibility and cost are the reasons they do not. The consensus was why would anyone go out to buy a newspaper when you can go online and get all your news for free. The preference for newspapers was mainly to do with the ability of physically picking up and reading a newspaper.

Additionally, they felt that newspapers have more credibility. This may have to do with the recent surge of fake news articles online. There was a common feeling that newspapers have more steps to verify the news they publish.

The reasons for going online was accessibility. The ability of simply going online and reading all the news stories of the days is a big reason people use online news sources.


The general agreement was that newspapers would be the preferred medium for news if it was accessible and free. So, if newspapers had the advertising revenue that many of these digital companies have, newspapers would still be may still be successful among the focus group I questioned.


One thought on “News Medium Focus Group

  1. Accessibility vs. Credibility. Those are some interesting findings, Nav. I never considered how the #fakenews epidemic could work to the advantage of traditional media. Now more than ever, people need access to accurate information, but quality journalism takes time and money to produce. Once people get something for free, it’s almost impossible to charge them for it later – they’ll just look for it elsewhere. There are a lot of ideas being bandied about on how to save the newspaper industry, but playing up the press as a reliable, responsible, and accountable news source sounds compelling. If there’s a good reason to start paying for the news, people might start doing it again.

    PS. kudos on conducting your own focus group!


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