Is Snapchat made for Millennials?

Different social media platforms appeal to different demographics. Before the age of Instagram and Snapchat, Facebook was used predominately by the public to connect with friends, families, and strangers. However, In recent years millennials have been using Snapchat much more than other social media platforms to engage with others. Business Insider conducted primary research on two dozen millennials between the ages of 18-26 on why they use Snapchat. One of the most common responses was “ Snapchat provides an easier answer to Facebook’s ‘What are you doing right now?” This is done through the visual aspect of posting short videos to your friends. What makes Snapchat  appealing to the youth is that they “ like a social network that treats content as disposable.” Snapchat consists of individuals who are able to post multiple short videos into stories that people may view daily. Snapchat also has an individual aspect where users can send videos and messages privately.

Snapchat allows users to insert filtered images and emojis over their visual content, this personalized aspect allows users to personalize their daily posts.The visual, concise, straightforward aspect is what attracts me personally to Snapchat. Myself and many other people who use Snapchat appreciate the fact that we know who watched our videos, if someone opened our message, and if someone took a screenshot of the content we posted. Nevertheless, Snapchat is the safest means of protecting our privacy within the social media world.

Rahma Dalmar


One thought on “Is Snapchat made for Millennials?

  1. Huh. Interesting! I’ve never really thought of social media as being in any way secure before… but I suppose Snapchat is as close as you can get. “Disposable content.” Huh. I like that!


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