“I can pay you in free exposure”

Being a part of a non-profit is hard when money makes the world go round. It’s hard to get the wheels of change turning when you barely have any pocket change to keep the wheel running.

This is why social media is a bit of a God-send. Is social media free? No. It costs a lot of time and effort, but the nice thing is that you can still have a nice and compelling social media presence without having to spend a penny. And having a strong social media presence can help non-profit organizations not just increase awareness about their cause, but can also help gather valuable information, get donations, and recruit volunteers. All for free! And who doesn’t like free stuff?


But all of those awesome benefits that non-profit organizations get to reap from using social media stems from what I believe to be one singular facet of social media: direct engagement.

Social media isn’t one-sided; it’s a never-ending feedback loop of communication between the brand and the audience. The thing about non-profit organizations is that we live and die by the level of awareness and volunteership we’re able to garner from our audience. By making our target demographic feel as though they are directly a part of the work that the non-profit is doing, the people in our audience are already more receptive and therefore more willing to do things like donate, spread the word, or volunteer.

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