Edmonton City Dairy, circa 1911.

When examining the social media presence of the City of Edmonton, they are quite civil and professional as they should be. But from understanding the demographic of social media users, there could be an opportunity for engagement with followers that the current runners of the accounts may be missing. An easy way for our city’s Instagram account to gain more interest is to repost citizen’s photographs of the city. Not only does this allow for easy engagement with followers, but it allows for the opportunity for talented social media accounts to be featured by the official account of Edmonton. If the city is trying to promote how “artsy” our city is, why not express that through the doings of fellow Edmontonians. By doing so, the account can garner more that the couple of comments it gets on each post while becoming more consistent with their posts on a certain time schedule. With this opportunity, many people will jump on the idea of being showcased on a verified account, and if the coordinators choose so, they can filter as many submissions they want and only disclose the photos they see fit the city’s desired image. If the City of Edmonton were just to do this one single thing, they could possibly get ten times the follower engagement and twice the recognition from users and non-social-media users alike.






One thought on “Edmonton.

  1. This is actually a brilliant idea! You should propose this to the cities social media representatives.
    I know I am going to talk to my brother about this as he is contracted with the city right now for app development.
    Business aside, this is a mutually benefically way for the city to grow organically while encouraging citizen participation.


    Melissa L.A. Bishop


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