Does Social Media Define Us?

Our society is highly composed of individuals who rely on social media for acceptance. The artist (who has not shared his name with us) graffitis this image known as “nobody likes me” in Vancouver. This photo grabbed my attention, it allowed me to see how most of our society may feel when their online contributions do not get any likes or even attention. This image makes me dissatisfied that likes and positive feedback online may also shape how others view us, which intern may attribute to how we view ourselves. This image is so powerful due to the young boy’s trivialized attitude about having no friends, likes, or comments in his social media realm.

This image has importance, as an individual who was born in the age of the internet, advanced cameras, and cell phones, I see just how our lives have changed as the access to these devices have grown.  As a civilization we have become reliant on documenting (with said devices) rather than living in the moment. This artist has encapsulated how the feedback of synthetically sharing information online is representing day to day life, feelings, and simulating basic conversations.


One thought on “Does Social Media Define Us?

  1. Rahma, I definitely understand where you are coming from, and I truly emphasize with you.

    Technology is likely not going anywhere, but the thing that we can adapt is our reaction to the proliferation of its usage.

    The human-to-human connections we have with each other can be strengthened by phone calls, Skype calls (yes, even technology) and dinner parties. We grow as people with hugs, smiles, and conversations. Hopefully, humans remember those connections and choose to reach out more to a quality of people, rather than a quantity of individuals because a connection isn’t fibre optics and Google searches. It’s crying, laughing and sharing.

    I hope you feel inspired to sever some of the digital connection and embrace the real ones you have in your life. ❤

    Melissa L.A. Bishop


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