Batman v Superman, Paper v Online.


Not the greatest movie, but eh… It was alright.

If I were to decide whether to read a book physically or on a Kindle or through an IPad ebook, I’d obviously choose the physical version. There is just something about flipping through the pages of a book and seeing the progress you’re making as you dive into a good novel. When deciding between Batman and Superman, I’ve got to go with Bats. When deciding whether to read a physical newspaper or news online: that’s where it gets tricky. On one hand, newspapers are full articles curated for daily consumption, there isn’t an infinite amount of articles to be overwhelmed by, there are just the specific stories those in the writer’s field have decided to focus on, on that specific day. On the other hand, the internet provides a user with an infinite amount of possibilities in which he/she can curate based on their interests, who they trust in the media, and who those trusted people recommend. By using social media and online resources, a veteran web-surfer can take as little time reading the news they want. They can be 100% efficient as they can go directly to their sources with just the click of a mouse or tap of the phone. In my case, I decide to read the Metro newspaper every weekday morning during my commute on the LRT.

Not the greatest newspaper but eh… it’s alright.

Sure, it may not be the hottest newspaper, and sure I may skip to the end just to the Associated Press’ article on how the Oilers did, but sometimes I find a story in the Metro that I would never find online. Something that sparks my interest but was never on my online radar. With social media and the internet, my niche is all I allow myself to consume, and unless those sources link me to other sources they recommend, I don’t past the proverbial wall online browsing administers.


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