Air Jordan: Branding at it’s Best.



Michael Jordan is recorded in history as one of the best basketball players in the world—if not they best. After Jordan’s retirement he began his business of selling shoes and other merchandise. Selling his household name was one of the easiest marketing strategies. Michael Jordan’s ability to levitate when making a slam dunk has been one of his most iconic specialties in the game of basketball. However, the same skills have been attributed to his line of Jordan sneakers: “Why drive when you can fly” and  “Air Jordan has landed”.

Air Jordan as a brand is beyond successful because it allows men and women to believe that by wearing his shoes they too can have his skills. Predominately Air Jordan’s are attributed to the male demographic since the male sports industry is much more popular. Classic Air Jordan’s are depicted in the Chicago bulls colour scheme–red, black, and white. Michael Jordan’s career with the Chicago Bulls stretched over a span of 12 seasons out his 15 seasons in the NBA.

In today’s world continuously marketing a message is key to selling a brand or idea to the public. Jordan has done this by earning his position as one of the best in the NBA, leading his brand to symbols him entirely.–gives-restaurant-tips.html


One thought on “Air Jordan: Branding at it’s Best.

  1. So, I was about to comment that I “Just Did It”, in response to “just” reading your post. But then I quickly realised that Nike isn’t the exact same as Air Jordan. Regardless, it was an interesting read.


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