A Post, a Blog, an Adventure an Ode to Blogging.

So long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen and Adieu, and all the other ways that they say goodbye in the sound of music. I use to bid goodbye to this project of blogging. Keeping up with my Sound of Music theme I’m not going to say it’s up there with rain drops on roses, and whiskers on kittens as one of my favorite things. BUT I’m not going to say it’s my least favorite thing I’ve ever done either.


              I’m at a happy medium with this project, while I struggled some days on what to write, others I was going over my word count in effort to simply try and put down my strong feelings on paper.

               Blogging is an outlet for many people, and it works for them. Maybe it’s because I am such an open person already or because sometimes my lawyer orientated self thinks better of it, but I don’t always want to pursue my position on a topic in print/type version.  


Sometimes I am this person when it comes to blogging.



And others I am this.



            I guess it all just falls back to topic and to style. If you wanted me to rant and rave about Harry Potter for 400 words, well buckle in because it’ll be a minimum 2500. But my position on social media in university sports I may struggle to get that 200 minimum. So I guess my point is; blogging, I definitely don’t hate it, but the topic needs to be just right. I guess you could call me Goldilocks of the blogging world, one topic is probably too political, ones probably a bit too boring. But the third one will be just write, and you will get a fantastic blog post out me.

So as my last few words on this article, and my last few words on this blog page, I want to say this is an ode to blogging. It taught me what I like to write about, and what I don’t. Blogging taught me how to be snappy and clever in 400 words and it helped me connect with my classmates on topics that I might not have known they were interested or took a certain position on without it.  

 Blogging, yah did good kid. 



See yah later 202, it’s been a slice.



Rebecca Kerrison ❤


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