A Lookback at Denny’s.


While researching Denny’s online presence for our Digital Presence Analysis group project, it is evident that Denny’s has developed a successful campaign of utilising outlandish methods within their social media in order to further their brand without hurting their professional reputation. Around the globe, publications are dubbing the American diner as the “King of Social Media” when it comes to not only restaurant accounts, but any corporation around. Being successful online can mean many things, but with the way other corporate social media accounts like Wendy’s and Taco Bell are following Denny’s casual nature of posting online, one could understand that just being the pioneer of a such a campaign allows for Denny’s to see the benefits in its actions.

Denny’s currently has over 370000 followers on Twitter and about 113000 followers on Instagram and with that, the food chain averages over a thousand retweets per tweet, two thousand likes per tweet, and over three thousand likes per eccentric Instagram post. With that being said, statistically, Denny’s is doing a very great job in terms of consistently garnering views and likes, but more than that, what I believe is a vital measurement of a successful online campaign is if others are talking about it. Other than the hundreds of replies and comments Denny’s gets on their social media posts, popular publications like Forbes, Buzzfeed, Vox, Adweek, and many others have published articles on how viable the way the way Denny’s has handled their online presence. Along with that, Denny’s was also nominated for a Webby award for “Overall Social Presence”. This shows how Denny’s way of thought has benefited their campaign in a physically form. As more and more corporate social media accounts latch onto a more “laid back” style of posting, more and more people may relate to the ideas, and in turn, see one of the ways in which many others are benefiting. Being able to see people’s positive feedback with likes and comments, and other things like awards show ways in which one is actually benefiting one’s organization.


2 thoughts on “A Lookback at Denny’s.

  1. I can’t believe I’d never heard of Denny’s on Twitter before. The posts are hilarious and warrant a follow all on their own, but I wonder if people are responding to the fact that, unlike other major brands on social media, Denny’s doesn’t take itself seriously. It’s kind of refreshing. You get the sense that there’s a real person behind the handle, and not just platitude machine of corporate-approved statements. It reminds me a little of the @Burger_Baron account here in Edmonton, but more lighthearted and less vulgar. Does anybody else remember the spat it had with Graham Hicks when he reviewed it for the Sun?

    You don’t really expect a commercial brand to represent itself like that online. It doesn’t have Denny’s following, but it’s definitely made a name for itself. I wonder if there’s a hidden message here? Like “consistency is the key” or something? In both cases, the followers know what they’re getting, and maybe that’s what keeps them coming back for more.


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