Wired. Coachella. Google.

Wired keeps things simple with a black and white template and colourful photos.

When it comes to a successful website, I believe the most important thing for a person or company to nail down is the process of conveying complex, detailed information in the most simple and minimalistic way possible. With the amount of time an average person spends on the front page of a website, I believe it is vital for a website developer to not only present the viewer with all the essential information right away while maintaining the majority of that information in a clear and concise, attention grabbing front-page. For example, WIRED’s website (www.wired.com) showcases their news in tile form. It allows the reader to see their headlines and the image pertaining to those headers in a simplistic and effective way. With the entire website being in black and white text, the coloured photos pop even more than they would normally, in which contrasts with the flat nature of the text and entices the reader to delve deeper into their articles.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 12.54.04 PM.png
Coachella uses bright images to entice its audience.

On the other end of the spectrum, Coachella’s web page (www.coachella.com) is full of bright hues of the sun and the ocean and provides the reader with all the info they need about the festival right on the front-page. When scrolling to the bottom of the page, the viewer is hit immediately with the band lineup, allowing the viewer to instantly decide whether it peaks their interest or not. Right below that, the reader is greeted with a link to the festival’s planning guides and more information about the history of the festival. This site is not only effective in the way it engages the audience, but it also provides the viewer with everything they need right off the bat.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 12.57.13 PM
Google uses the “Quality over Quantity” approach when showcasing their products.

Lastly, Google’s store page (store.google.com) exemplifies the minimalistic values I was talking about earlier to a tee. Not only has Google taken the idea of “quality over quantity” to heart with their minimal offerings in terms of their smartphones, virtual reality headsets, etc., but Google showcases their products with giant, full-page images that presents their merchandise with the utmost importance they deserve while keeping it as simple as possible. Successful websites, in my opinion, comes down to giving the viewer as much essential information as possible in a compact fashion, allowing for the reader enjoy the experience while not being overwhelmed.


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