The Oilers.


With the Oilers making the playoffs after a 10 year/11 season hiatus, I have decided to take a look at their social media campaign during this last month. Athletes and sports team alike, use social media in order to promote their brand, just as other company’s do, but with sports, it feels as if the social media coordinators that run these accounts have a good amount of free reign compared to those of other corporations. The Oilers and other NHL teams for example, must be on top of whatever the team is doing. If the team is in the middle of a game, the people who are in charge of updating the followers on the game must be on their “a-game”. In order for a sports team’s account to be successful, they understand that fan engagement is a necessary aspect of building a following on social media. By jumping on trends, and relating to the consumer, teams can continue to stay relevant while maintaining the professionalism they should already be exuding.

As of March 30, the Edmonton Oilers have over 660000 Twitter Followers, and about 358000 Instagram followers, with these two accounts being their most frequently updated. Along with the various corporate tweets about business deals and sponsorships, the Oilers also post pre and post-game interviews for their fans as well as retweets by their more-prominent employees like broadcasters Gene Principe and commentators Jack Michaels and Bob Stauffer. With their Instagram, the Oilers are much more causal in nature as they post professionally taken photos with captions that shows their true fandom for the team. Along with this, fans away from the television are treated to each and every goal scored with videos of goals scored straight from the live feed, allowing fans to see the game in snippets if they are preoccupied elsewhere.

The Oilers unfortunately are not as open to comedy as teams like the Columbus Blue Jackets are for example. But they are trying to build a brand as they continue to climb the proverbial ladder and try to become perennial playoff contenders that will eventually lead them to a Stanley cup. Maybe, just maybe, once everyone can take them seriously again can the Oil decide to let loose a little.



One thought on “The Oilers.

  1. Man, after the last ten seasons, you’d think that the Oilers could learn to take themselves a little less seriously on Twitter. Hopefully, you’re right and they lighten up a little.


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