Methodically Measuring Social Media

I am Raj.

We know that when used properly social media marketing campaigns are effective at targeting a wider audience. The tools available through multiple social media sites are each unique to the success of a full marketing strategy, or a strategy can take one social media site and run a campaign solely though just that site.

One strength of social media campaigning is that it can be quite flexible if marketers can maintain control over their message. Flexibility allows companies to decide which metrics of social media they want to measure: Likes? Ad-Clicks? Product purchases? Comments? etc.

measuring-social-mediaWith all of this flexibility, how do companies accurately measure what their social media campaigns have done? Was it a success or failure?

First, they must specify what it is that they want to measure and how they will measure it. Why are we creating a social media strategy? To promote a sale? To build a brand? To keep up with competition? Which key metrics will be defined and measured?

Second, the company needs to use analytics tools to analyze the specified metrics. Kissmetrics and Google Analytics are a couple of examples. Different metric sites have different features, which can measure sales, traffic, conversations, and other aspects of the social network .

Finally, after the data is collected companies can analyze the effectiveness of their strategy based on what they defined to measure in earlier steps. After analyzing the data, they can adjust and refocus their attention on something different, or maintain their current online presence.

Although it is stated in simple terms above, these strategies take time, energy, and intelligence to implement and gather valid and reliable data.


Social Media Examiner

Kissmetrics Blog



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