Is Everybody a Journalist?

Social media has changed the ways in which we interact with one another by allowing each and every user to contribute to the global village in many ways. Citizen journalism grew rapidly in the 21st century allowing everyday people to document events that traditional news organizations would typically cover and share with the world. Every person has their own perspective when they disseminate news. However, without journalistic ethics, the information may be convoluted. “Lines between producers and consumers of news continue to blur, leading to, as some have argued, an eroding of traditional journalistic norms, values, and practices, particularly objectivity and gatekeeping” (Bruns 2005; St. John and Johnson 2012). The online world has contributed to the circulation of fake news. However, the most detrimental part is the amount of people fake news can reach.

Today we have successful outlets such as Facebook and Twitter were people continuously share fake news. A survey conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs and Buzzfeed news conducted a survey where the public was asked to respond to questions surrounding the recent presidential election. The survey concluded that 75% of American adults believed the false headlines to be true. As a contributor to the online world I see these sensational headlines. However, as a journalist, I have acquired the knowledge and skills needed to see where the truth lies. Fake news attracts people because of the absurdity and sensationalism. Nevertheless, Journalists have a moral responsibility to tell the truth; while fake news connoisseurs want to tell the people what they want to here. My personal goal while being involved in the global village is to shed light towards truth rather the falsehood.

Rahma Dalmar,%20Kirsten%20A.&spage=341&pages=341-357&sid=EBSCO:America%3A%20History%20and%20Life%20with%20Full%20Text


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