How We Speak With One Another.

Grammar allows each and every individual to communicate efficiently and effectively. The growth of the English language has combined these attributes exponentially by constantly assessing the best way to communicate verbally. Future generations contribute to the English language which creates shifts to take place to properly represent the era as well as the specific country. One of my favourite attributes about grammar is the option of word choice to depict my own personality. As my writing capabilities grow, I understand how to replicate information and opinions in a suitable fashion. Understanding the rules between clauses and sentence fragments, for example, allows readers and myself to have a deeper, concise understanding.

Growing up as a Somali-Canadian I have had the pleasure of viewing two different worlds of effectively communicating. In Somali traditions, non-verbal cues contribute to communication extensively, with hand gestures and face gestures conveying a deeper understanding alongside verbal communication. Although, non-verbal cues are useful in interpersonal communication it may not be useful when conveying your message through text. I have learned to appreciate grammatical rules to a degree because it can eliminate not only useless words but contradictions within my communication.

The biggest grammatical issue I see in society that annoys me is the errors between past, present, and future tense. I constantly see it through every facet of my life, whether it be interactions with peers, family, or my work environment. I believe this to be one of the worst issues because it can confuse the individual you are communicating with by misrepresenting when the context of when your sentence occurred. However, the online world is constantly accommodating the English by the ways in which the user’s communities and peers communicate with each other. The English language is spoken by many individuals all over the globe. Even though connoisseurs of the English language may not expect their usage as official or effective. Within their own societies they understand one another.

Rahma Dalmar


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