Go Oilers!

I am Raj.

I’ve always been an Edmonton Oilers fan; as I was growing up the Oilers were past their Dynasty years, however they still put up respectable numbers, led by players like CuJo, Doug Weight, Bill Guerin, and Ryan Smyth—usually making the playoffs and losing to Mike Modano and the Dallas Stars (except that one legendary year Todd Marchant scored in OT). In those days, there was no Twitter, and my Internet was fed to me through my telephone jack. After 10 miserable seasons, it is good to finally have playoff hockey back in Edmonton.

Now, before I start crying tears of joy, let’s take gander into the social media world of the Edmonton Oilers and, for competitions sake, the Calgary Lames Flames.

As seen above, the Oilers currently have more followers by a little under 150,000, but the Oilers have also been active on Twitter for about 8 months longer. The Oilers have tweeted about 18,000 more times, which is expected since joining earlier.

With both profiles the posts are mainly focused around team transactions, players’ community involvement, game highlights, interviews, and major NHL initiatives (like Hockey Fights Cancer). Both profiles also include a healthy mixture of text, video, and pictures that keep the posts interesting.

The pages have a definite identity, as the Edmonton Oilers’ page is significantly more blue, and the Calgary Lames Flames’ page is significantly more red.

Again, with both profiles, there is very little linkage between the NHL teams and their respective farm teams from smaller leagues, like the AHL. Fans who want to stay informed with those teams and younger prospects should follow the Twitter site for the smaller team instead. The Oiler page seems to do a better job at maintaining ties with their farm team (see image below).

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 1.56.16 AM.png

Aside from the occasional post about ticket sales/resales, neither team uses Twitter for merchandise advertising.

In conclusion, both teams do well in utilizing Twitter more towards building community relationships and posting game-related material, and less toward advertising merchandise (which may be done through a different site). I found the Edmonton Oilers Twitter page to be more appealing, but I may be—no, I definitely am—biased.





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