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It is a tough and rough time for print around the world. The reality is that audiences have migrated to the internet. I mean just the other day I saw an elderly man reading the Sun on his iPad. Times are changing.  Print media is suffering because of the easiness and convenience digital media offers. Let’s be honest, people are lazy, we are always seeking ways to make our life easier, to avoid doing something, or make it simpler and faster. Usually, if given an option we go for what is easier.

Print may be old, distressed and on life-support in North America but,  in other places it still has spring in its step. In places like India traditional paid-model newspaper subscription readership is booming and growing. According to an article in Forbes a study from the FICCI [Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry] suggested that the value of the Indian newspaper industry grew by two-thirds between 2005 and 2010. About 80% of the population still depend on newspapers, which has in turn created a $4.37 billion newspaper industry. What we view in the western world as “old-fashioned” or outdated  can be viewed differently somewhere else.

There are people for whom reading an actual newspaper is just a part of their ritual. They have been doing that all their lives, they have the urge to hold the magazine; it’s a tradition. And, it makes their life goes just a bit slower. Who hasn’t lost track of time reading a good story?

Digital media makes your life go much faster, you just click to see the news, read something, scroll down, then some other related topic catches your attention, you go there, and then you realize you’ve spent and hour or two, reading something you don’t even remember. Scientific researches have proven that reading on your computer and reading an actual book or magazine are not the same experiences. Slow clap for science. As long as there are people who enjoy reading something that is tangible print will continue to get by.







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