Animals That Are Cooler Than You

I am Raj.

Celebrities are seen communicating on social media sites, but the term celebrity has changed to include not just a few well-known figures in pop culture, but also those who can compile and influence a large amount of followers.

There are even animals who have great influence over the masses, as, for example, one of the most popular animals, a cat named Sockington, has over 1 million Twitter followers (I don’t think this is what feminists had in mind when they said that pussies will run the world).

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 11.25.58 PM
Although @sockington doesn’t tweet every day, you can see that when he does tweet, it is complete and utter nonsense.

Now, I don’t know why this particular cat has so many followers—there are probably hundreds of feral pets with way cooler backstories—but for some reason people like his posts.

Ok, so @sockington is a fun, playful account created by someone vicariously living through this cat. I am almost certain that this cat is not posting on his own. Almost….

But I noticed that @sockington did not endorse many products. This may be a missed opportunity (more work needs to be done to determine what kinds of people actually follow this cat), as over 1 million followers are keen on what this cat has to say. Even though it may not have been the intention of the creator, he has created a personal brand for this cat.

I believe these personal brands created by people and animals alike are a cheap way for businesses to promote their commercial brand through someone else’s personal brand.





One thought on “Animals That Are Cooler Than You

  1. It looks like Sockington needs to post more selfies. Posting photos once a month probably ain’t cutting it if Sockington wants to build up a stronger online brand.


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