Yet Another Thinkpiece About Millenials

Here’s a question: Do you think millennials use the internet a lot? And because the answer is clearly yes, as a follow-up question, do you think we’re too reliant on it? And is this more of a positive thing, or more of a negative thing?

Ask that uncle you don’t like talking to. I’m sure he has some opinions on this. 

I can say with a whole lot of certainty that I’m using the internet within one hour of me waking up until the last five minutes of the day that I’m awake. Whether it be on my MacBook, or my trusty, rusty cell phone, I’m always plugged into the matrix that is the internet.


Like this, but I’m also 20. 

Some of this is obviously because of necessity. A lot of valuable, pertinent information is on the internet. And some of it even has something to do with school! And it’s pretty important that I stay connected with my MANY, MANY FRIENDS THAT I DEFINITELY HAVE. Because social lives are important. WHICH IS WHY I HAVE FRIENDS.

Oh God, somebody call me already…

The internet is also a great source of knowledge that I definitely wouldn’t have sought out without immediate access. I can honestly say that constant access to the internet has made me a smarter person. Or at least delayed my decay into intellectual stagnancy. It’s still coming, but hey, at least I’ll learn a bit about the Dutch royal family before then.

With that said, there’s a point where you have to step back, stare at your device for a minute, and say to yourself: “what the f*** am I doing looking up the inner workings of the Irish Parliament when I could be doing literally anything else??? I mean the Oireachtas, as it is properly called???”


Tiocfaidh ar la!!!!!!


So all of this is really funny and all, but could somebody tell me how the hell I’m supposed to stop? The internet is the cure for boredom, but it doubles as the world’s most sinister opiate. Last summer, I wasted entire days that I had off from work or school on watching YouTube videos and trolling Reddit. And when I was finished with that, I rinsed and repeated until it was time to go to sleep. So tell me this: At what point does this stop being a quirky, amusing habit, and when does it become an actual self-destructive habit?


Anyways, just something to think about. Leave a comment below with a link to a YouTube video, I need a distraction right about now.




8 thoughts on “Yet Another Thinkpiece About Millenials

  1. Hahaha this is honestly the truth. Sometimes I wonder how much more of an interesting, successful person I would be if I channeled all my online time into something constructive but… I mean here I am. Internet addiction and all.

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    1. And hey, at least we have the potential to learn something from internet addiction. You don’t learn too much interesting trivia from a crack addiction, or so I’ve heard.


  2. I really enjoyed this. The sentence “The internet is the cure for boredom, but it doubles as the world’s most sinister opiate.” really hit me in the feels! I like how you use a lot of media in your posts, it’s the perfect amount to stimulate the attention of the audience but not enough to be overpowering. Love it!

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