Social Media Addiction: Is It A Thing?



It’s funny, when I started researching social media addiction, I thought that I wouldn’t find much. Why did I think that? Because I thought social media addiction wasn’t a thing until I saw countless news articles and numerous scholarly articles discussing the very topic. I also thought that I wasn’t addicted to social media myself. Who I am kidding?! I know I’m addicted to social media, but is it a good thing or a bad thing? Social media addiction is described as spending so much time on social media that it interferes with other aspects of daily life. Some of you may even feel that you aren’t addicted to social media but think about it. People are on social media while driving, we don’t get homework or work done because of it, and we even prevent ourselves from falling asleep because we are so obsessed with social media. What also doesn’t help is that the creators of these social networks WANT us to be on their platform 24/7. Snapchat comes out with new filters to entice us, and Instagram has some new live features so that you’re always online checking out other users. What can we do to kick the habit that is about as addictive as cocaine? One article I found suggested that we find a time and schedule our social media into our day. That way you can catch up on what really needs to be done during your day, and plug back into the social networking world later. We need to take control of social media, rather than have it take control of us.

Riona Harriott


2 thoughts on “Social Media Addiction: Is It A Thing?

  1. Social media can be an addiction but I’ve found out that my problem is that I’m addicted to distractions and social media just does a really good job of being a distraction.


  2. It’s so easy to get addicted to social media. I have to make a conscious effort to not pull out my phone when having a conversation with people. I find myself doing this on impulse at times and it has started to bug me because i’m sure it annoys the people around me. Thanks for the post!


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