Is Facebook Creepy?


I’m going on a trip in a few weeks, so I looked at some clothes on forever21’s website and checked out some sunglasses by an Australian company called Quay. After I finished browsing their sites on my phone, I went on the Facebook app. As I was checking my news feed, I noticed Facebook suggesting I go back and buy the clothes and sunglasses I was previously looking at. Honestly, it freaked me right out. If I am doing some online shopping, I don’t expect to see what I was just looking at on Facebook. I looked into why this was happening, and noticed that Facebook implemented a feature called “dynamic ads” it came out in February 2015, and it basically will read your browsing history while you have the Facebook app open and running in the background, and suggest ads to you based on that. I find it absolutely disturbing that I did not give permission for them to do that yet here they are, telling me what Sephora masks I should buy! The crazier part is that there isn’t a way to turn this feature off, and Instagram has now also adopted the same feature as Facebook purchased Instagram. Perhaps when browsing the web, log out of Facebook. No wonder we have very little privacy these days…


Riona Harriott


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