How Young Is Too Young For Social Media



As more advancements in technology are made, and new social networking platforms are released, we all feel compelled to join the latest networks. People of all ages from around the world, sign up and immediately begin sharing details of their personal lives online with friends and strangers alike. Some of these people you are interacting with may not even be able to vote yet, but are online which makes me pose the question: How old should you be to start using social media? The reason that I decided to write about this topic, is because of my family friends. They have 4 children ranging in age from 6-13 and two of the children, specifically the 11 and 13 year old, both asked if they could add me on Snapchat and Instagram. I didn’t know how to respond. I nervously said “sure” because not everything on my social media is necessarily “PG” and I didn’t want them seeing that. So I pretended to add them but didn’t and then proceeded to ask their mom what she thought about them having social media. She seemed to have a pretty laid back attitude with it which I wasn’t completely against however, there didn’t seem to be much monitoring of them going on while using social media which made me feel uneasy. As we become even more of a technology era, children know how to use iPads before they can even walk and talk. This also leads to them having more information that they may be too young to know about due to their access to the internet. When you sign up for a social media profile, it requires you to put your birthday in and be at least 13 years of age to proceed. Now we know many children may add a few years on to get around this and that is one thing I feel parents should regulate more. The other step I feel strongly about, is monitoring exactly what they are doing and who they are talking to on social media. There are a lot of dangerous people on the internet and children may not have the technology savvy to decipher who is who on the internet which is where parental supervision comes in. I know little can be done to stop kids from getting a social media profile, but teaching them how to use the internet safely is the biggest lesson of all.


Riona Harriott


2 thoughts on “How Young Is Too Young For Social Media

  1. I’m just thinking of all those social media accounts of people’s childhoods and early teenage years that many people in the future might want to bury. Our younger selves are probably not the most interesting or eloquent people on social media and there’s some stuff I’m happy that I didn’t save to the internet forever.


  2. Yeah, just as the previous comment stated; I’m glad social media wasn’t around in my adolescence. I have enough to be embarrassed about with my posts from junior high and high school. I understand that technology is becoming the norm across all demographics, but I don’t understand how social media got into the hands of kids so rapidly. I guess it’s beyond my comprehension at this point.


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