Fake News?


Fake news is quite possibly the most brought up topic in the news and media in the last year. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the definition, fake news is defined as the deliberate spread of misinformation. It is most commonly used in fake headlines and news stories, to increase readership and online sharing. Even though fake news has always been around, it wasn’t brought to the forefront until Donald Trump, the now President of The United States, accused any media or news agency of being fake news if he was not made to look favourable by them. I actually did a group presentation on fake news earlier this semester in another class and one thing we mentioned, was that fake news has been perpetuated by social media. When you go on Facebook as an example, your newsfeed is a landmine of click bait articles that have absolutely no intention of informing you about current events, but just want to produce an eye catching story to get hits. This has contributed to why I now greatly dislike Facebook. Why have we moved into an era where we have now decided we would rather trick and misinform the public, than make sure they are properly up to date with what is going on in the world?! Furthermore, the new president really should get a few lessons on social media and fake news himself. Branding CNN as fake news and Fox News as credible only because Fox paints you in a better light, is setting the wrong example for your supporters. People in the media sectors, put a lot of work into these news stories and branding them as “fake” because you don’t like them is childish. The suggestions my team had for navigating this “fake news” age is to continue to support traditional media methods in addition to adopting new media methods, and be much more aware when navigating the internet. If you see a potentially fake news story, fact check. Read past the headlines, look at the date it was published, check out the author, if any sources were used, and if other news outlets reported the same story. We have the power to combat fake news “bigly”.


Riona Harriott




One thought on “Fake News?

  1. I just think it’s funny how Donald is always going off about fake news but spreads it himself. Fake news thrives today because it’s a business. People want clicks and views and ultimately money. Integrity is a thing of the past


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