The role of brand identity today

With the ever increasing online media forms available today, companies and businesses are faced with a unique challenge. It is now no longer sufficient to only create great products and services — you have to be creating great content too.

Content is being delivered every second via personalized and self-scheduled social webs and viewers are deciding when, how, why and what is consumed. This means that customers will consume only what is relevant to them, what best serves them, and what truly entertains them.

The main demographic for this target consumer is us, the millennials.

And millennials are important. We have the global spending power of 2.5 trillion dollars annually.

In order to engage with us, businesses are going to have to curate brand experiences that are rich in content and strengthen contextual involvement and consumer connection. This means that you cannot simply get by with just having a Facebook page, or having an Instagram. Content is going to drive your brand and help customers tell a story and communicate meaning to others. Idris Mootee, a brand strategist, explains that this is quite simply, cultural.

Brands that will occupy centre stage are those that contribute the new ideas, help facilitate the new rituals, meet the new needs, and, ultimately, tell the best stories. Those who ignore this new reality do so at their own peril. 

Sadly I have seen this with a number of locations and businesses here in Edmonton. There are so many examples of misused social media pages or pages that have simply been forgotten. And it’s sad. It’s sad to see that they don’t seem to care. That they don’t seem to care about a portion of their customers, about millennials, about tomorrow. And what they don’t seem to realize is that what seems to be just a social media page to keep up, is actually an online reflection of themselves. If they cannot deliver an accurate representation of themselves online — which is the first mode many people experience them in today — than many people will not even bother to go past this first step and experience the brand identity of their physical location that they undoubtedly spent hours curating.

Online presence matters. It is no longer an optional brand experience, but a required part of your brand identity as a business. Those who ignore it, as Mootee says, do so at their own peril.

~ Bronté


60 Minute Brand Strategist: The Essential Brand Book for Marketing Professionals by Idris Mootee



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