Social Media and Non-profits: Its a Match.


It can be said that the type of organizations that benefit the most from online mediums and especially social media, would be non-profit organizations. Advertising and brand management is a huge part of the landscape for businesses and non-profits alike within social media. If a non-profit organization is to succeed in raising awareness for their cause they can enjoy an advantage by utilizing social media and the ease of which many people are willing to promote a charity. Unlike many businesses, non-profits don’t have as much of a stigma when it comes to being promoted by users. After all, it can often reflect a certain idealistic image that you re-tweeted or liked a non-profits page or cause rather than an advert for a business. Non-profits often benefit from this advantage in social media and some can leverage it to great effect.

Non-profits have other advantages that is further exemplified when using social media. The cause many non-profit organizations represent or promote are either universal or at the minimum, non-controversial. That is excluding PETA because they often use controversy as a tool to further their organizations goals. Using controversy is the exception, not the rule when it comes to advertising. Most other non-profits have an easy cause to identify with and often have strong emotional triggers that social media users can identify with. Who doesn’t agree with providing water or food to people in need, providing shelter for the abused, or fighting a social injustice? Most would probably agree to some extent and I’m sure there are people who can find a reason to argue the opposite but my point is that non-profits who bring their cause to social media can often have innate support from people and social media makes it easy for many to engage in spreading awareness for whatever cause the non-profit is advocating for.



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