Now the different, is the same

I’m sure everyone has noticed Facebook’s new update. One of the new features called “Stories”, is very similar to Snapchat. Many people (myself included), say that it is Snapchat. Messenger has the same feature. As do Whatsapp and Instagram. And probably many others… but why is this popular? Snapchat is a new way to communicate, it is  was new. It’s funny to use, and who doesn’t like the dog and flower crown filters?

Social media companies are attempting to re-brand themselves, to stay popular, to stay in business. However, in doing so, they also end up being the same. News is featured in all of the apps mentioned (as well as Twitter), users are able to send private messages (away from their public account), you can interact with people around the world…and upload your pictures daily… No, one, app is different. In fact, anything different, or unique, is copied and adapted, till it is no longer different, or new.

As a society, we are all the same. I don’t mean in the philosophical way. Most people have tattoos. Most people have either an iPhone or a Samsung. A majority of university students use macbooks, the others rely on windows. Don’t we all have the same white, easily-tangled, Apple headphones?

We’re not different anymore. Should we be?


2 thoughts on “Now the different, is the same

  1. This is a really intriguing analogy. Sometimes I wonder if these apps would be more successful just sticking to one niche; most people I know that use Snapchat also use Instagram and Twitter… I don’t know how successful these companies are in their attempts to become the “primary” social media platform.


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