News Fatigue: Is It A Thing?

If you asked me a year ago if I knew what news fatigue was and if I experience it, I would tell you no way. However, there was one specific moment when I realized that I was suffering from news fatigue. When did this moment occur you ask? On February 1, 2017 when Beyoncé announced that she was pregnant with twins. I can tell you exactly where I was the moment the news broke. I was in my writing to be heard class and I showed my phone to a classmate and told her sarcastically that the internet and world were about to explode. Boy was I ever right. In a public speaking exercise, a classmate just HAD to mention that she wasn’t focusing properly since the news broke. It made the front page of CNN while Donald Trump’s travel ban was still going on. Every time I turned on the TV, or went on my computer, or opened up social media, all I saw was articles about Beyoncé having twins. I was so over it and so over the news. I was absolutely dumbfounded on how the entire world was so fixated on what was going on inside of Beyoncé’s uterus when there were much bigger issues going on that required the attention of the media. If I really think about it though, I believe my news fatigue began during the presidential election last year with article after article talking about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and all of their blunders. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way and as a result, I rarely read full news articles, because they shy away from real facts and try to overload you with filler information that will make a good story. As more and more people identify and seek help for mental health issues, they are taking a step back from the news for their sanity’s sake, and I don’t blame them. I find myself incredibly overwhelmed with the amount of news constantly coming out. Going forward, I am going to limit how much news I read, because I just may really lose it one day.


Riona Harriott


2 thoughts on “News Fatigue: Is It A Thing?

  1. I totally agree! When I first downloaded Twitter I decided to follow all the major Canadian news companies, and immediately I felt overwhelmed with the sheer volume of news. I think we have to set aside time to read the news, because knowing current events is important, but we can’t constantly be reading the news, or we may lose our minds.


  2. If I see “BREAKING NEWS” one more time on something that’s not actually breaking news, I’m going to lose it! Good ideas I totally agree!


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