Advertising: Social Media vs. Print Media

Before the rise of social media, it was a no brainer that if you wanted to get the word out there about your business, you had to advertise via print. However, there can be a few concerns when it came to advertising via print methods. One is the cost. If you are to run an ad in a newspaper that will reach 2000 people, it will cost you $32. In a magazine, that cost can $20 to reach 2000 people. The other concern can be how many people it really is reaching. Print is dying out somewhat as people stop buying newspapers and magazines, and turn to digital methods to get their information. This is where we introduce social media advertising! When looking to advertise in 2017, most business immediately turn to social media. There are two major reasons why: the cost and its’ reach potential. When you post an ad on Facebook, it costs a mere $0.25 to reach 2000 people and it is essentially guaranteed that it will reach those 2000 people just based on the sheer amount of people who have a Facebook account. When we think about startups or small businesses, the less money that can be spent, is best. That mentality alone makes social media advertising much more lucrative than its’ print predecessor. With social media advertising, you are also able to target your ads to the people you want to reach, whereas print doesn’t have that advantage. The reasons of being cost-effective, and reaching your target audience, are reason enough to make the jump from print advertising to social media advertising.


-Riona Harriott


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