The Importance of Branding

What is one thing that I have learned in BCSC 202 this term? Oh right…the importance of BRANDING! If a website does not have a cohesive brand, it will not be successful because it’s viewers will not understand its message. I have noticed that when I look at websites and if one does not have a proper brand that is obvious and consistent, that website looks like spam. NOBODY WANTS THEIR WEBSITE TO LOOK LIKE SPAM!


A perfect example of a website that looks like spam is Penny Juice. Has anyone heard of penny juice? I didn’t think so. I didn’t know it existed until I went searching for it. Now why is that? Because it’s brand is so POORLY done that everybody will see the website and think that it is junk…I mean….would you honestly think that this website is the real deal?:


I didn’t think so. Now what is this site missing? Well it’s missing a message, a menu, colours and fonts that come together and most importantly, it doesn’t even look like it’s trying to sell juice. Did you get that message? Because I did not…I could go on but I don’t want to bore you. Now check out this next website.


AHHHHH REFRESHING!!! This website is so much better than the other one. The main page alone is beautiful! It attracts the consumers, it has live colours that all come together, it has a menu that consumers can go through to understand it’s brand. It is COHESIVE which makes it BEAUTIFUL!!!

So what did we learn with this blog post? Oh yes, websites must have a cohesive BRAND to be successful.

Thank you very much. Anyone else craving juice?



Rachel Jacobs


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