As a communications major, I have always been scared that print media is indeed dead because it has been a huge part of my life for so long. I would be that freak in school who always had a physical book in my hand while everybody else turned to Kindle or Ebooks. I always hoped that when I started my editing career, print media will return head strong but I now think I am ready to turn to online media. The world changes and we all need to face that.

A stack of local newspapers with focus on front. Shallow DOF

What’s the downside?

The main downside to losing print media is that news and information that we usually find in print media is now going to be harder to get our hands on. BUT THIS DOES NOT MEAN WE LOSE ANY INFORMATION. Yes it is easier to pick up brochures and newsletters for a company or product instead of needing the internet to go find the website. Yes it will take time to transfer our lives from print to online communications but what is the point of the world changing if we do not embrace it?


Can we survive this death?

I think we can. Have we been able to survive the aftermath of 9/11? YES.  Have we been able to survive the after effects of the recent U.S election? Not so sure yet but I think the answer will be YES!

Print media is a huge part of the world, and it is not going down without a fight, but a part of life is CHANGE. What is life without change? I have officially accepted that print media is not going to be around forever and I am ready to become more involved in the online world rather than hide behind the print world. I don’t expect everybody to agree with me, but I hope everybody understands my point of view.

We shouldn’t see new media as a misfortune. We should see it as an opportunity. We have this opportunity to change the world of communication.

Print media is not dead. It will always be preserved. But it is time to move on with the rest of the world and find new opportunities to make the world a better place with new media.



 Rachel Jacobs


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