Love or Hate? I HAVE NO IDEA

I love grammar. When I get papers and assignments back and my mark is low because of grammar mistakes I want to pull my hair out because some of those mistake are so silly and I think that the professors are honestly out to get me but I will always have a place for grammar in my heart.


Grammar is amazing in a professional setting or a public setting because it allows strangers to communicate without miscommunications. Imagine if you had an interview for a job and that employer emailed you with a casual “hey buddy”, used slang terms like “idk”, “u”, “ASAP” or “atm” while asking you to come in for an interview. Or what if they texted you instead of calling you? You would be a little confused and you probably wouldn’t understand what they mean because you don’t know them so you probably wouldn’t feel comfortable going to that interview, I know I wouldn’t.


I hate grammar. In a casual setting when you are just talking with pals and people who you are extremely comfortable with, why should you care about grammar? That’s like forcing a woman to wear a bra even though she is in her pjs and comfortably watching t.v. before bed. Who would you do such a thing???? I know I wouldn’t. In casual conversation, grammar should not matter, just like how the clothes you wear in private do not matter compared to what you should be wearing at work. I doubt a manager would get much respect from customers if he wore sweats and a goofy shirt to work but he would be loved by his pals if he wears that attire on game night. So what’s the difference between that and grammar? I don’t think there is one.

Professional settings and casual settings have always existed. Grammar is a part of that equation.

'Did you ever realize that for us, casual Friday doesn't exist?'

Rachel Jacobs


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