It’s About the Articles…

In 2015, Playboy rocked the world by announcing that they would be leaving nudes behind.  A
year later the world chuckled as they announced that they had playboy-226382
made a mistake and nudes were coming back.  Personally I don’t believe they made a mistake either time.  I think Playboy really needed to remove the nudity in-order to really clean house and develop in other areas.

Online and in the magazines they’ve attempted a re-branding from a men’s magazine to everyone’s magazine making “Entertainment for All” their company slogan.  The website received a complete overhaul, which saw the news articles, interviews, features, and columns splashed right on the front page.  Now the magazine still aspires towards a ‘sexy’ feel, but at least now you don’t have to dig through the sexy to find interesting tidbits – if sexy isn’t what you’re looking for.

I was never a huge Playboy fan, but when my Grandfather passed away I became the proud owner of five decades worth of Playboy mags. While I helped clean out his old home I decided to flip through one, that old joke running through my head “I only read it for the articles.” What were the articles like anyways?  I have to admit, I was surprised!  Since that day I’ve occasionally picked one up off the rack here and there, but eventually stopped for a couple reasons.  First I was tired of getting that over the counter dirty look, or assuming head-nod from the guy behind the convenience store counter, and second I decided I didn’t want to support the fashion mag industry anymore (nude or otherwise) due to their constant pandering towards the male gaze, and their body image wrecking Photoshop techniques.

This brings me to why I don’t think going back to nudes is a mistake for the magazine. They have a chance to do it better. Their current motto for the change is “Naked is Natural” and if they stick to it and help de-stigmatize the naked body and foster a healthy view of what natural beauty is then I’m all for it.

But, other than that first collectable issue you can better believe I’ll be sticking to the online versions at least for the first little while. The online magazine / website gives me the option to search for the articles I want, the way I want, without needing to flip through pages of nudity. Plus I can avoid that awkward head nod from the ass-hat in the convenience store.


By: Derrick Ferry




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