Forming Digital Borders

We haven’t replaced the old physical ones (yet), but social media groups created by corporations and celebrities are quickly forming new digital borders.  Within those borders some corporations and celebrities have learned the power of developing a feeling of community amongst their citizens.  These groups when formed and moderated properly can be beneficial to the leaders of the community.

Bioware is a local Edmonton based game developer and they do an amazing job of community development.  Their citizens will still purchase a game when it gets troubling reviews, and while the outcry when a mistake happens can seem loud at first, many citizens will assist the moderators in quelling the situation.  They execute the use of Twitter and Facebook on a customer service and community engagement level that’s akin to Commander Shepard at max points and top gear!


Another, more sinister, developer of these communities is the newly elected President of the United States Donald Trump.  President Trump is an example of what happens when someone of grey morals rises to the top of one of these communities.  He and his Alt-right supporters tend to use social media as a community cauldron (digital indoctrination camps may also work) – brewing fear, hate, and bigotry until the people within rise up to attack another community or celebrity through digital warfare.


So, how do these community leaders know if their community is effective and if the community building is beneficial to the organization?  The first and easiest is monitoring the Analytics of the social media platform.  These can tell you right away how many engagements each post or comment receives.  The second way is through community polls and surveys, and finally if you really want to know how the community is interacting – then be an active part of that community.  Arthur sat at a round table and mixed it up with his Knights, as the community leader of your own kingdom so should you (at least then you’re there when things go wrong).


Full Disclosure – Derrick Ferry did undertake a standard game testing contract with Bioware / EA in 2012/2013

By: Derrick Ferry



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