Social Media and Advertising

Many companies are now choosing to use social media as their main form of advertising because traditional media and print media are slowly becoming obsolete in the modern world. Social media allows a company to advertise for free (if they choose) and to hit their online audience in a much more effective way.


Although newspapers and magazines still fill their pages with ads and classifieds, advertising online is a much better option nowadays. With print media, there is no way to know if someone has looked at your ad, or if the billboard is actually getting the attention it needs. With social media, there are ways to know if someone has seen an ad, clicked on an ad, and even bought something advertised online. Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc. all have some form of online tracking to tell you when the ad was released, how many people clicked, and what they did from there.

These traffic tracking services come basic with most platforms; however, many sites offer more detailed statistics that provide more information, like the demographics of the users. If it seems logical for the company to invest in a program like this, then do it! It will be beneficial in the long run, because the more you know what works in drawing in traffic, you can tailor your ads even more! If a specific post or platform is under-performing, then you either change or get rid of it, which will save time and money for your company.

The switch to social media advertising is a smart one, as it keeps up with the younger generations and hits a much wider audience. Advertising on social media may not last forever, and there may be a new way to access your audience in years to come; however, in 2017, staying present on social media is the best way to promote a business or company.



One thought on “Social Media and Advertising

  1. I agree that it is a good idea for companies to use social media to advertise. I also believe it is important to keep up with the ever changing trends when it comes to advertising in communication. Great post!!


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