It’s Pronounced Me Not Meme

If you use the internet, you have probably come across an internet meme at one point or another. According to, an “Internet meme is a concept or idea that spreads “virally” from one person to another via the Internet”. Most of the things that we consider memes are “an image of a person or animal with a funny or witty caption.” One of the most popular memes of the decade is “Scumbag Steve”. He went viral after someone shared his MySpace profile picture online because they thought it was funny, which seems to be the truth considering that most people who use the internet have seen the meme.



What most people do not know about “Scumbag Steve” is who he actually is; his name is Blake Boston and he is currently a 27 year old father according to conducted an interview with Blake Boston in 2011, where he describes how people started cyber bullying him because of the meme. “Some asshole put up an ultrasound picture of my unborn kid and wished it would die. How fucked is that? My girl cried all night. She felt molested by that. Lot of racist shit being said, lot of haters”. The ultrasound incident is just one example of the threats made to Boston after he became a meme. This shows how people can be desensitized when someone becomes internet famous. Blake Boston was treated like he was not a real person, as if the meme is his true identity. He said it best himself, “people can’t separate the meme from the real me”.



-Molly Stogrin





One thought on “It’s Pronounced Me Not Meme

  1. Good topic. There are no shortage of pictures out there that were taken and turned into something nasty. I think it ties in with this ability to post anything anonymously…because no-one can ever call out the coward who hides behind a made-up username.

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