Deflection 101, brought to you by Twitter fingers

donald trump psychology master manipulator fear anger monger

Mr Trump and his team seem to absorb  blows and hard questions by simply changing the conversation .From “that’s a nice hat…hey look at that guy’s hat!” To constantly promising to make America “great again.” Trump is a master of deflection.

Who remembers the whole Megyn Kelly fiasco? The Fox News anchor  confronted Trump about past comments in which he called women he disliked “fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals.” Before she could even finish he answered by saying “Only Rosie O’Donnell.” The crowd started laughing (because fat joke…. duh). Every one was so distracted by this ‘joke’ that they neglected to remember that the soon to be president referred to women who weren’t appealing to his (tiny) eyes as animals and slobs.

And have you noticed that every time something controversial is happening in regards to his policies he randomly starts beefing with another celebrity? This is not a coincidence. People are very easily distracted and he has taken advantage of that. Why is the president of the USA twitter beefing with someone who is one joint away from seeing God and  Meryl Streep?  DEFLECTION.  His tweets garner enormous media coverage, almost more than his politics.

Every tweet from the President, no matter the topic, has proven enough to stir up a firestorm of debate among supporters and detractors of the newly elected Republican leader across the country (Hansen,2017). From his Twitter feed, it may not seem like President Trump is doing much but,  while we are all wondering why someone doesn’t take his phone and put him on a time out about 2000 bills have been quietly introduced to US Congress.  Tweet that.



One thought on “Deflection 101, brought to you by Twitter fingers

  1. How did a misogynistic, racist, greed-driven man win an election, anyways?

    Oh, what?
    “More Americans voted for Hillary Clinton than any other losing presidential candidate in US history.

    The Democrat outpaced President-elect Donald Trump by almost 2.9 million votes.” (

    Final Winning Votes in 2016 US Presidential Election:
    Hillary Clinton: 65,844,954 (48.2%)
    Donald J. Trump 62,979,879 (46.1%)

    So how does democracy actually work, anyways?

    Don’t quiet your voice Christina. People (like myself) are listening! Keep using your voice!

    Melissa L.A. Bishop


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