Blog Post 2: Of which the importance of grammar is discussed.

I am Raj.

Grammar is important not only in traditional forms of writing and speaking, but also in postmodern times where social media has taken the front seat to print media. One may notice that people do not respect the rules of grammar when they post online: spelling mistakes are abundant as there may not be a spell check; “too”, “to”, and “two” are confused just as much as “there”, “they’re”, and “their” are; or proper nouns are mistaken for common nouns.


Unfortunately in this age of immediate gratification and online communities where people vastly vary in education level, people tend to speak (type) before they think. Some feel that a post should be made as quickly as possible to stay informed and up-to-date, or that if they do not get their post online quick enough someone else will beat them to the punch. Grammar cedes to impulse. If you are like me, then you probably check even menial texts and posts for grammar and spelling; but, if you are like me, then you are probably in the minority.

Empathy is lacking. The ability to understand another person, even if that person is not in their immediate vicinity is important when communicating online. It takes empathy to understand that what a person types and posts will need to be understood by a variety of individuals, not just those people who are close to that person and know how he/she writes. When a person simply types out a message and posts it without checking for grammar or content he/she is acknowledging that the message is completely correct on their end. They do not realize that messages are interpreted differently by people and to best get your message across you should abide by the (near universal) rules of English grammar.

When I see a person’s writing/posts with several grammar errors it makes me think that that person only cares how the words impact him/her, not the audience who will read the post. Now, there can be instances where a person may not be educated to a proficient level in grammar, so we must take those cases into consideration; but, if a person understands grammar and still does not fix their words, they are just being lazy and selfish. It is the difference between, “screw all these afghanistaninis, filipines, and Chinks cumming into Canada oil company’s and taking there jobs!” and, “Immigrants should be educated and tested on Canadian safety laws before entering Canada’s hazardous oilfield workforce.”


Walter Meme



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