To Blog or To Tweet?

Blogging has been a huge part of social media for individuals who want to share their thoughts and feelings. Most blogs are personal ones but business and organizations have begun to pick them up because blogs are a perfect way to promote products, explain company’s policies and news and provide customers with tons of support. The main advantages to blogging within organizations is that they are cheap, interactive and they can send an informal, conversational vibe towards the audience which is sometimes better than formal business talk. The problem with blogging is that without certain restrains, careless blog posts can be posted and a discomforting vibe can occur.


Twitter has been said to be a great way for organizations to communicate online because so many internet users are on twitter compared to blogging. The main advantage of Twitter is that organization can send out their messages in quick posts of only 140 characters. But is this really an advantage or disadvantage? Blogging is popular because it gives the organization the opportunity to connect with its audiences with no character limit; although, It has been studied that most human beings have a small attention spam. This can be the downfall of blogging compared to Twitter because audience members may get bored of reading a blog and will stop half way through it while a simple tweet is not even close to long enough to become boring to the audience.


Which is Better?

IT IS A TIE! As much as I would like to choose blogging, twitter can be just as useful. All organizations are different and each one needs to choose which medium would be best for their brand. Some organizations would prefer blogging because they want to make sure the audience knows their brand like the back of one’s hand. They might think blogging is better because it allows them to be precise in their online brand. Other organizations would rather Twitter because it is quick, it gets to the point and it pulls in customers who find interest with just a few words. I do not think that some online mediums are better than others, I think that it DEPENDS on the organization and how it wants to be perceived as.




One thought on “To Blog or To Tweet?

  1. I think Twitter is better because it’s more interactive. I’ve seen brands offering to send customers personal messages for free gifts or if their having issues. It is a great way to increase trust and appreciation. It makes people feel like they’re important


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