Are You A Robot?


There is a generation coming up who can’t even imagine a world without smart phones and social media. It has officially embedded itself in our culture.

That being said, social media is not only changing our culture but our behavior as well. Humans are on the brink of loosing their sense of humanity. I have seen all too many videos of tragic accidents, where people are literally bleeding out on the ground and there is a crowd surrounding them shoving their phones in their faces. Instead of parting fights we video them and put them on WorldStar. Why help when you can get viral video right?

People video themselves giving to the homeless just to get praise.Then there are the fake social experiments and pranks. These videos simply involve saying rude things, doing things to get a reaction, or the new craze trying to “expose” women as greedy and shallow.We are becoming more and more selfish and self centered. I

ts all about views,shares and likes. It is sad that for so many their first instinct when they see a tragedy or see someone in need is to bring out their phones and go on Facebook live. We are officially becoming robots. Soon we will have  empathy, no sympathy and no emotion.


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