2 steps forward, 3 steps back?



Social Media is this wonderful new world of opportunities and it has become a wonderful tool that many people use in many different ways that differ from business, to personal use, to even scholarly use (the form for which I have used for part of this blog post). As 90’s child born into the beginnings of Internet and Social Media there was a brief time when it didn’t exist in my life and that of my friends and so I have taken to my current Social Media and asked their opinions on how it has changed them and their behavior’s.


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A couple of responses I received were about how it has had a positive change on human behavior and how it has given people more confidence in life. But has the negative aspect of making people procrastinate maybe more than they would without the effects of media on their normal human behaviour.  Also how has it has affected our face to face communication which is an essential part of human behaviour.


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Personally I’m partial to that opinion of my fellow 90’s children in how yes it has it’s positive aspects, but it can also negatively impact our behaviours and our growth as people and a nation. And while this is not a professional opinion I think the kids growing up in this day and age are really going struggle with the face to face aspect of human behaviour.

Social Media is amazing, I have personally witnessed the powers it has on a persons confidence and building them up. It can truly empower a person, and give them a new outlook on life, and on themselves. Social media has definitely propelled us forward in the way of human behaviour of how people treat and see themselves.

But while that may have taken us 2 steps forward in the personal way social media has affected us, it has also taken us 3 steps back in interaction and focus. Because what happens when the computer gets turned off, and the phone dies? All we have left is to talk to each other, and when we don’t know how to without emojis; its a problem, a sad sad problem. Also when the phones don’t get turned off, instead of working on that paper were scrolling online wasting time, and procrastinating. The focus is either split or gone completely and then nothing gets done, or nothing gets done to its fullest capacity.

So while part the popular opinion is positive, my opinionated friends also recognize the problems that have and will ensue with the affects of social media on a person in their personal life, and their human behaviour. Which might be something we all need to come to terms with, and perhaps make a personal change to beat out the other side of the popular opinion.

By: Rebecca Kerrison




Tenisha Henrickson

Hannah Froment

Erin Debusschere





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