The indifference towards grammar

What is grammar? It is the enemy of all university students. It is the cause of multiple tears and loud cusses!

*loses all knowledge of grammar*

Grammar is mostly used in books articles and the dreaded essays. At the same time it is slowly loosing it’s importance. Its barely used in everyday writing and remains a thing of the past in online communication. Communication online is not centred on correct grammar I mean who cares if you don’t put commas or use the word but wrong? Its not important if you forget the apostrophe and lets not even get started about too and to. Online communication uses slang so much that it has started too show itself in writing. People are more comfortable writing u instead of you. Too be honest if its good enough for Shakespeare its good enough for millennials a generation which continues too age online.

*back to using proper grammar*

So why do journalists, writers, and professors (who probably just enjoy watching their students suffer) push students to follow this medieval notion? Perhaps, it is because of tradition, but it could also be because it is professional. You have to publish the best by: spellchecking, proof- reading, editing etc. A lot of work is put into (individual) perfection. Journalism may adapt to grammar less writing, but for more traditional writers, it is a thought worse than death.

Note: please ignore the grammar mistakes. They were done on purpose to make a point. For one brief second, I was free from the conundrum, that is grammar.


One thought on “The indifference towards grammar

  1. Hey Ishita, thanks for your awesome post. I have to admit, when I first saw all those grammar mistakes I had a mini freak out until I realized that it was indeed on purpose. I definitely agree with you that grammar is where most of my tears came from so far in university. I think grammar is important because in a professional environment, it is universal. When you are being casual with friends, grammar is not a big deal because your friends will understand what you mean. The problem with a professional environment is that if you do not use proper grammar, there is so many possibilities for miscommunications and that is why I think grammar is extremely important in this sense. I mean look at that time when one simple comma mistake could have resulted in losing a million dollars. Grammar is definitely no joke in the professional world like it is in a casual situation.


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