Grammar: Always Dependable, Widely Contested


I have a love-hate relationship with grammar. I am not enamoured by the rules of grammar. Often, I break those rules. If there is one thing I love about grammar, it would have to be the many opinions surrounding these rules and the arguments that arise from these different opinions. The fact that grammar is never stagnant in what can and cannot be done is exciting. The constant evolution of language leaves room for the growth and evolution of what we understand grammar to be today. This leaves me excited about the future of grammar and of the English language.

Grammar is a vital part of communications and journalism, even today when it seems like poor grammar is more prevalent with the introduction on social media. Using proper grammar can help writers avoid confusion amongst their readers. That in itself shows the importance of grammar in the world of professional communications and journalism fields of work. If people are confused about what you wrote or come away more baffled then they did before reading the article, what is the point of writing anything in the first place. Grammar has, and always will, play a vital part in the production of works in these professions.

Grammar is vital in today’s world, even with social media never ending presence in much of our lives. I am often confused by social media due to poor grammar of the posts. It could be a misleading headline on Reddit or a jumbled mess of a tweet discussing American politics. Either way, a knowledge of proper grammar would aid the authors in order to get their message across effectively and without confusion. Language is always evolving, with fun slang words seemingly being introduced on the internet daily. But grammar will always have a place to stay, wherever language goes.


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