A look at AVENUE — Edmonton’s premier lifestyle magazine

Whether I was walking through Res, strolling Whyte or sitting in Publicity Room’s office, I kept noticing Avenue magazine. I didn’t realize it, but Avenue has been Edmonton’s premier lifestyle magazine since 2006. It showcases Edmonton’s architecture, personality, arts, fashion, food and design and has grown to include signature programs including Top 40 Under 40 and Best Restaurants. The best part is? It’s free to pick up throughout Edmonton and the surrounding areas!

As I was browsing their online website, I couldn’t help but get lost in a rabbit hole of articles and online versions of each monthly issue. My favourite section by far is “Things To Do.” Have you ever heard of cool events happening in Edmonton a little too late? Not with this. The March 2017 issue also showcases dozens of local Edmonton eateries, from Best Bakeries to Best Mediterranean to Best Steak. It is truly the “best” list you will ever find if you’re ever in a pinch for a new date spot or simply a latte and scone.

The first thing I will say, however, is it may be due for some upgrading. I think it has a good thing going here, the title is a sleek and bold san serif font, it has amazing pictures and some of the coolest features, but it’s lacking a bit on the branding side of it. The website is an eyesore, and while I know that they have to feature advertising, it’s not always in line with what little branding they have going for them already. There is such an awful juxtaposition between their curated pages to the pages filled with mismatched advertising campaigns. In print form it’s easier to try and forget and skim past the ads — even if they are an eyesore — but on the website it’s just harder to ignore. There are so many independent magazines whose sites are just doing it soooo so right (here, here, here) that there’s really no excuse for a bad web design.

For this reason alone I would recommend picking up a physical copy whenever you pass by a stand. On the other hand if you just want to quickly checkout what is happening in Edmonton this week (Alice in Wonderland Ballet? Edmonton Beerfest?) your best bet is to head on over to their landing page and look at their calendar. This is in line with research done by FreeportPress:

When it comes to our magazines, we read more, read longer and subscribe more often to print than digital.

While publishers talk about embracing the digital futures of their publications, ordinary people like you and me still prefer to read a good glossy.

I’ll leave a link to their informal survey results, but an overwhelming majority of respondents were more engaged with their print magazines than their digital ones. I think this is an emerging trend that not many people are aware is even still thriving. Dozens of trendy and artsy publications are popping up on my radar every week and several Kickstarter campaigns are funding the production of independent zines on the market too.

Print isn’t dead yet.

~ Bronté





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