Grammar is a good habit.


Grammar is something that you don’t really know you love until the absence of it drives you crazy. Being a university communications student, I am intimately aware of my own shortcomings with grammar. The communications program makes grammar a prerequisite course and to advance any meaningful distance into the program, the quality of your grammar must be satisfactory. If your grammar is not up to par, then almost every course of this writing intensive program will take significant portions off your total grade. Not to mention the shame of being a communications student who is not able to communicate without committing mistakes. What is a communications student who cannot communicate effectively by undermining their own message with grammatical errors? I cannot say I love grammar and I cannot claim that I am an expert on Grammar, (not even considering the mistakes I still make) but being a student in the communications program does teach a deeper appreciation for grammar due to the constant exposure to sanitary writing on the daily basis. In my mind, grammars importance to communications and journalism cannot be questioned and even discussing the possibility of its importance being diminished due to the rise of social media and 140 character limits makes me think of the difficulty of explaining common sense. I think the rise of social media gives more importance to sanitary writing. The idea that social media promotes the spread of messages that harbour bad grammar is even more reason to pay attention to one’s own grammar. If proper writing is becoming rarer because of social media, then the value of grammar goes up and the messages that you try to communicate can only gain more authority by simply being written properly.


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