Grammar is the Worst Part of the English Language

I hate grammar. I would rather avoid explaining myself as I fear judgment for that statement, but I have to make the word count so here we go. Grammar is intended to be a tool that holds us together but in my opinion it does the opposite. Grammar is just another thing that causes arguments. Bill Walsh uses the AP style guide and in Canada we use the CP style guide; both style guides have different rules so more than one person is right or more than one person is wrong, depending on how you look at it. English grammar is not universal. How does something that is different in every place that it is used, bring people together? Aside from dividing nations, grammar is difficult to learn and nearly impossible to master, making it frustrating to use in general because while you are writing, there is a constant worry that you are doing something wrong.


English grammar is especially difficult to learn because of the variations in style. Some things in grammar are changing but the change has not been made official so writers are in purgatory when it comes to what they should use; for instance, ‘they’ or ‘he’ if you are describing a person that is gender neutral. It would be impolite to say ‘he’ but if you said ‘they’ (their preferred pronoun), you would technically be grammatically incorrect. Grammar may change over time but currently it is a battle of political correctness VS. Grammatical correctness. In this particular case, grammar is segregating an entire group of people which in no way is bringing us together.

Mastering grammar is hard but is it an excuse to be a jerk? No. Bill Walsh, the copy editor, is the perfect example of why grammar sucks: Bill is a grammar snob. He worked hard to gain the title of “Copy Editor” but with good grammar comes a huge sense of entitlement. Ironically, Bill wrote a book called, “Yes, I Could Care Less: How to Be a Language Snob Without Being a Jerk” even though the title sounds like something a jerk might say.


If someone were to write with terrible grammar (some might say like this post you are reading) you could still understand the writing. With fewer grammatical rules, people could express themselves without fear or judgment from copy editors like Bill. Also, without grammar there would be no need for editors so reporters could make more money, which is all right with me.

-Molly Stogrin



2 thoughts on “Grammar is the Worst Part of the English Language

  1. Nice post Molly! The differences between style guides frustrates/confuses me too. If we’re gonna learn grammar rules why not make them all the same?

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  2. I love your post Molly. I have to say I disagree with your last statement because I am currently in the program to be an editor myself and I would like to make money but I do see where you are coming from. Grammar can be a pain in the ass and I make mistakes all the time. The worst moments in my life is when I make a grammar mistake and people are like “aren’t you going to school to be an editor? Your grammar should be perfect”. Well guess what, nobody has perfect grammar, it is literally impossible to have perfect grammar because grammar is not universal and there are so many damn factors to learn about. I hate grammar, but I love it. Thanks for your awesome point of view!


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