Grammar are important

Hey, kids! Have you noticed a decline in grammar in online publications? Me too! Now, when I say online publication I mostly mean social media. I am an avid lover of the “meme culture”, but it has sparked a trend of spelling errors, slang, and ignorance to grammar. On the other hand, if all the social media posts that I read were perfectly curated and grammatically correct, I would probably find them less publically appealing. I think there is one question we need to consider as communication professionals while upkeeping our grammar:

what is the audience?

I love memes. I can’t picture my life without being tagged in memes every day. they have become a staple to my happiness. But, if Reddit started using perfect grammar while creating memes, I would become uninterested. The lack of regard to grammar and the use of slang is what makes them so funny.
Here are my favourites this week:


However, I totally judge companies when they misuse “there.”
it just bugs me. If I was representing a major company like pepsi or Disney, I would make damn sure that I did not miss one single error.

Now before you get the assumption that I know all of the grammar rules, I really don’t and I fear that it will hurt me in my future careers. I wish I paid more attention in the mandatory grammar class we had to take back in our first semester.
Thankfully, I discovered this neat site called Grammarly that can be installed onto your web browser that fixes grammar mistakes for free! (you can get the pro version for a monthly price)

So to summarize my thoughts on grammar in the world of social media, the rules should be applied situationally like most things in communications and if youre like me and need help with your grammar, GET GRAMMARLY!



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