Why “Texting Grammar” Isn’t Ruining Our World.

I remember walking into the first day of university grammar class absolutely dreading the experience that was to come. I’d just spent a good majority of my high school career proofreading and grammar checking my classmate’s assignments and frankly, I thought that BCSC 100 was going to be a waste of my time…but boy was I wrong. I ended up learning more about grammar in a 3-month grammar class than I had learned in my entire life.

Even after that difficult class, I still love grammar and the complexity of it. It fills me with joy to read an error-free bout of text. In my opinion, the most important thing about writing is its grammar component.Grammar plays such an important role in the field of communication and journalism because it ultimately brings credibility to your work. Without it, you wouldn’t fill the requirements of your ethical appeal and readers will not trust that what you have to say is genuine.

For example, if I were to read an article from the Huffington post that was filled with grammatical errors, it would make me second guess the credibility of that article…or whether or not the author was half asleep while writing it.


Many people may insinuate that since the rise of texting, the use of proper grammar has declined, and maybe it has scientifically; however, the writing you produce while texting is completely different that the writing you produce in school or for work. I can text my friends, “KK Ill be right out” but I would never in a million years write that in an academic paper or communications strategy. Different kinds of writing have different grammar expectations.

Grammar will always matter, but the expectations of it differ from writing style to writing style. Texting isn’t ruining the world and neither are scientific papers. Grammar is important, but it’s nothing to get upset over if done improperly in some settings.

  • Paige

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